Margot Roi 1.jpg

Margot Roi

Visual Artist

Creating intimate conversations

one layer at a time.

Margot Roi focuses on the physicality of intense, intuitive mark-making to reflect an inner dynamism of voice throughout her artwork. She focuses on breathing and the anticipation of exhaling in the moment of execution. This transformation of narrative encourages a tension and release dialogue with the viewer. Margot primarily creates in the abstract format using acrylic paint and applies mixed media to further intensify the surface. Margot energetically uses colour to direct the viewer toward an innermost voice. Although Margot works in thematic collections, she maintains a common thread of expression to commemorate intimate conversations one breath or layer at a time.

Margot Roi is from the Dundas/Hamilton (ON, CA) area and now resides in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. Margot has received numerous provincial (ON) and regional awards for her work as a visual artist and arts educator. She holds degrees from Sheridan College, University of Windsor and Laurentian University. Margot’s artworks can be found in numerous private and corporate collections.

“Through joyful extraction and reflection of the inner voice I guide a thought process into a fearless creative execution. Each layer is based on instinct and informed by an individual, unique environment where my emotions playfully reside. Clarifications and transformations of these excavated, deconstructed memories embrace and intertwine in a commemorated tension and released dialogue.”