"I paint to remember joyous moments. I aim to establish emotional bridges, each one a reference to the places I’ve travelled, recalled settings, or the forms in nature I’ve found unique. I paint energetically and intuitively to quickly capture memories that form the essence of my sense of identity.  My strong connection to the stalwart sentinel tree forms lining my streets remain life-giving. Acrylic paint and stick media become the narrative for intuitive investigation unveiling gestural compositions that become guideposts for my colour choices. I view my canvas as a container for these intrinsic experiences. I’m inviting the viewer to wander around my responsive recollections to make connections to their own memory of place."



Based in Oakville ON., Canadian abstract artist Margot Roi has been exhibiting her artwork for over 30 years. Beginning her artistic career in textile/interior design earning an Arts and Technology Degree from Sheridan College, ON., Canada. Margot switched to fine arts where during a BFA Honours degree from the University of Windsor, ON., developing a gestural painting style that landed many gallery exhibitions. Advocating for artistic voice led to a Bachelor of Education Degree at Nipissing University ON., and to her teaching career. She has received numerous provincial and regional awards her work as a visual artist and arts educator.