Margot Roi Artistic Statement and BIO
My artistic expression is inspired by a bond I share with the natural world, a profound connection that stirs the reservoir of memories within me. Through my abstract interpretations, I aim to establish emotional bridges, each one a reference to the places I’ve travelled, recalled settings, or the organic shapes imprinted in my memory. My chosen medium, acrylic paint, becomes the narrative for intuitive investigation. It’s through this medium that I unveil gestural compositions that become guideposts for my colour choices; vibrant - muted. Adding layers of line work with stick media on the canvas, I engage in a performance of responsive recollection. Brush-worked textures blend harmoniously adding depth to recreate the essence of these places and forms.
My artistic journey predominantly unfolds in collections, each series representing a chapter in my continuous exploration. Within this deliberate choice lies my commitment to maintaining a painterly process that knits together the fluidity of expression, the distinctiveness of style, and the resonance of sentiment. I’m extending an invitation to the viewer, encouraging them to meander through and around these unique abstract forms, and to forge their own connections of shared experiences that my work seeks to evoke.

Based in Oakville ON., Canadian abstract artist Margot Roi has been exhibiting her artwork for over 30 years. She began her artistic career in textile/interior design with an Arts and Technology Degree from Sheridan College, ON., Canada. Margot switched to fine arts where during a BFA Honours degree from the University of Windsor, ON., Canada she developed a gestural painting/drawing style that landed her many gallery exhibitions. Her love of encouraging others to find their artistic voice led Margot to receive a Bachelor of Education Degree at Nipissing University ON., Canada and a 30-year teaching career. Margot has received numerous provincial and regional awards for her work as a visual artist and arts educator.