I had a passion for pattern early on. I blame it on the wallpaper of the ‘70’s, the chintz designs in UK homes or the first time I saw the work of Klimt. Perusing a path of textile design through college led me to hand paint silk fabric based on those passions as a business.

Wanting more, I found myself at a university studying fine art painting. Although I was exhibiting throughout the province (and once in NYC) raising a family was a priority.

Practical move into education was where I proudly gave a voice through visual arts to high school students for 30 years. I was able to mentor and advocate for other art teachers and University programmes through organizing conferences and writing for Ontario Ministry initiatives (obtaining many recognition awards).  I continued exhibiting in group and some solo shows with my work taking on social justice issues with me exploring installation and performance art.

It’s that love of expressing myself on a stage that threw me into the life of a vocalist performing on weekends (mind you I was still teaching full time, exhibiting artwork, and raising a daughter).

Skip to the present. Being retired from the music biz and the board of education I found I had the time to dedicate to full time painting.  I continued my art instructor/mentor programmes but now for adults.  Once again, I find myself in the gallery mix, exhibiting through art fairs, studio tours and building connections through gallery representation.

Please take a look at my CV for all the juicy details.